Impro Shows

The driving force behind our entertainment is ensuring you and your company have a great experience.

My team and I are fun loving, professional improvisors dedicated to creating a unique comedic entertainment experience.
The joy of improvised theatre ensures that the show we perform for you is completely customized and unique to YOU, It will have never been seen by anyone else... and it will never be seen again!
We’re corporate friendly and believe in clean entertainment, our shows are just goodhearted, quick-witted, professional fun!

Check out some of our most popular interactive and fun improvised shows.
Designer Comedy Show title
Designer Comedy Show
A 'designer' show - designed by the audience….your audience, from your company

Ideas and suggestions are taken from the audience throughout the show ensuring the performers create the material at exactly the same time as the audience sees it.
These ideas are immediately incorporated into a series of short scenes and treated with a variety of theatrical genres creating a comedic light hearted way of celebrating the success of your business, its administration, and the people involved.
Times of your life title
Times of your life
“Times of your life” is chat-show style improvised celebration of a person’s life.
Our guest of honour is ‘interviewed’ about key moments in their life, first childhood memories and plans for the future.
These moments are then re-enacted, enhanced and improvised in a variety of theatrical styles from an original poem, to a Shakespearian play.

..and the star of the show gets full control, they cast the actors, pick the styles and with the use of highly technical equipment ( a Bell and Hooter ) can even control the content.

It is witty, professional and most of all sophisticated improvised humour.
Golf War Title1The Golf War
Turn the course into a war zone
Delegates are briefed prior to tee off, allocated team colours and sent into battle the greens.
During manoeuvres the Cleverfool team are patrolling the grounds in the all terrain mobile assault vehicle (golf cart laden with supplies, balls, beers, water tees etc. and )
After the game at Clubhouse HQ awards of valour can be presented for soldiers who did well ( or died ) in battle i.e.; the lowest and highest score , longest and shortest drive, most putts etc.
Gangster Title

Lets get Gangster

Four Fingers Eddie and Kitty Le Tur add flavour to any Roaring 20's, Gangster, or The Great Gadsby themed dinner by providing effervescent hosting, Roaming entertainment and an Improv Comedy show.
It's a hit !!!
Medieval madness titleMedieval Madness

We'll transport you to a world of Medieval Madness, Mirth and Mayhem with 'The Mountjoys' larger than life characters to enhance the venue, mix and mingle with the guests and present thespian wonder.
Bad Santa TitleBad Santa
Improvised Christmas Comedy for Revelers.
Throwing away the tinsel and the sacerin sweet sugar coating of a regular appearance from Santa, this Jolly fat friend has completely gotten into the Christmas Spirit - A little too many of them in fact !
Roaming interaction and an improv comedy show gift wrapped in raucous laughter
Murder Mystery TitleMurder Mystery in the Ole Melbourne Gaol

Murder at it’s most foul, surrounded by criminals, thieves and despots ( and this is just the guests ) the ever so unpopular head guard of the prison is found dead in a cell.
The doors were locked. Motives were prevalent, and everyone there was capable.

Motivated by the old adage ‘Innocent until proven guilty’ the guests race against time to prove their own innocence.
Characters TitleCharacter Themed Hosts and Performances

Breathe life into your themed conference gala dinner with larger than life characters creating those special moments that make the event one to remember.

Check out the 'Characters' page for more pics, details and some really fun examples.