Though I do offer plenty of laughs, using Improvisation for teaching business skills is no joke.

The techniques I use in the training sessions to break down the conventional barriers in corporate thinking are the same ones I have used on stage in a dynamic career of over 25 years in Improvised theatre and comedy.
It involves active listening, confidence, risk taking, creative thinking, flexibility, innovation, communication, teamwork and leadership.

In a business world it pays to be able to think on your feet, by employing improvisational techniques, it empowers individuals, teams and whole companies start to communicate and work together more creatively and effectively.

My training programmes are as follows......
ReactReact and Adapt
Improvisation is about reacting -- being focused and present in the moment at a very high level.
This workshop consists of exercises that train you to overcome the fear of improvising, it will build your confidence, and teach you to listen actively enabling you to react, adapt and deal gracefully with the unexpected.
Expand.jpgExpand your Creative Potential
Learn to enhance your creativity and intuition by using improvisation techniques to explore approaches to overcoming the creative ‘block’.
In a supportive and fun workshop environment where you’ll learn to face the unknown with courage, take risks, and generate ideas spontaneously while developing lateral thinking as you challenge assumptions and preconceptions.
Build your Ensemble
Embrace ensemble thinking to enhance the organisation's social system and build ownership through inclusion and trust by valuing the ideas of others.
Participants will explore shared leadership, collaboration, active listening skills, removing competitive tension, develop self awareness and sensitivity to others.
EnsembleFail fast and recover quickly
Taking risks can be a scary thing in business.
The focus of this workshop is to instill a safe place for creative change-makers to energize, collaborate, take the risks without fear of judgment, and produce innovations in a meaningful and permanent way for themselves, their team, and the entire organization.
Fail fast.jpg
TheComedy prosCorporate Comedy Pro’s ( Ok…perhaps not pros ! )

It’s one thing to have your team trained by some of the best Impro performers in Australia… But imagine having your team BE the performers.

In this inspiring and challenging team-building workshop we’ll help your team members prepare an impro show that they will perform for each other (or better yet the whole company).
Focusing on fun, risk-taking, collaboration and trust, We’ll will turn your corporate employees into comedy pros ( You just never know ).

This workshop is a hilarious way to have your team members stretch outside their comfort zone all the while creating a sense of camaraderie and shared experiences.
Would you like fries with that ?

Why not add a show and let us take it from here…

By adding a customised, private show to either end of any training program you'll achieve the perfect way for the delegates to see the principles they learn put into action.

You all get to sit back and enjoy an incredibly entertaining series of comedic scenes created especially for you.

For more details see 'Designer Comedy Show' in the Entertainment page
PicknMix.jpgPick’n’mix - Combined Training Sessions

During our pre-training consultation we will be able to identify the best fit for your group’s make-up and training objectives. It is entirely possible that a combination of any two or three of our programs may work best for your company.