Nice people saying nice things and another side of my creativity.

I could tell ya how great I am til I’m blue in the face – but here are some ‘Creative Exaultants’ having at it !!

Victoria Drug and Alcohol Association, Australia
It was such a pleasure working with Patrick, he is a true Improv professional! He was a keen collaborator in refining his offerings to suit a new context and purpose – willingly meeting all of the challenges we threw his way with confidence and aplomb!

Patrick is so much more than just a facilitator he is truly a professional, his ability to think on his feet, his clever wit and improv talents has made him a constant and real pleasure to work with.

Christchurch & Canterbury Convention Bureau
Patrick applies an extremely high level of professionalism, and his experience in corporate entertainment is evident in his versatility, while always maintaining flare.

Hogs Breath Café , Australia
Patrick is incredibly talented, he has the rare ability to engage and captivate our staff, franchisees and managers. His workshop on collaboration was perfect for us. As well as being a ‘go to’ choice for our training, we have used Patrick’s incredible talent as a host and Improvisor for our conferences for the last 13 years.

Ford Motor vehicle – Incentive programs
Patrick’s Communication sessions were nothing short of brilliant and combined with his exceptional ability to interact with the workshop participation all levels is truely outstanding.

Caesars Entertainment Las Vegas – Sydney
You created a fun, exciting and educational event for our clients who will be talking about it for quite some time .
You are AWESOME !

Hafelle – NZ
You were brilliant! and everybody thought you were absolutely perfect for the event. I have to admit I was a bit nervous because I hadn’t seen your work before but you absolutely wowed all of us and I couldn’t think of a better person for the job – thanks so much.

Somehow during the hectic and exciting process of facilitating training sessions and designing entertainment packages for my clients in Australia and New Zealand, I manage to find time to pursue some of my other creative passions.

I’ve created, performed in, and toured full length Improvised comedy shows, I’ve been an Artist in residence as a set designer and mask creator, Studied Mask carving in Bali, and performed in International Street theatre festivals in NZ, Australia, Holland, Budapest, and Canada, and made an appearance on an Australian TV Soap-Opera as a Gargoyle.

Then, just for the hell of it I’ve dabbled in Pottery, Poetry, Painting, Glass blowing, Knife making, Learnt the Guitar, Life Drawing and Photography, I got married to myself in Las Vegas by Elvis.

…..and to cap it off I surfed a tsunami. ( ok that’s a slight ‘creative push’ but I was surfing in Christchurch during the major Earthquake in Feb.2011 )

There is no try, there is only do or do not” -Yoda