Strengthen your team by cultivating creativity, collaboration, and courage

Using applied Improvisation techniques to break down the conventional barriers in thinking, we can empower individuals, teams, organisations, and companies to communicate and work together more creatively and effectively.

My workshops are all tailored to suit your specific or desired outcomes and focus on the following aspects

Team Building & Collaboration
Encouraging trust, adaptivity and productive collaboration for an effective team dynamic.

Creativity & Innovation
Overcoming the fear of failure. Enhance an environment that respects a diversity of new ideas and unlocks your team’s collective intelligence.

Leadership & Agility
Be present to the needs of others and the tasks at hand. Find strength in agility, embrace uncertainty and find comfort in the uncomfortable. Be human

Presence & Storytelling
Capture the attention and influence your audiences.
Learn to craft and present your authentic story.

ReactReact and Adapt
Improvisation is about reacting -- being focused and present in the moment.
We can train you to overcome the fear of improvising, build your confidence, and teach you to listen actively enabling you to react, adapt and deal gracefully with the unexpected.
Expand.jpgExpand your Creative Potential
Enhance your intuition and free your creativity by overcoming the creative ‘block’.
Learn to face the unknown with courage, take risks, and generate ideas spontaneously while developing lateral thinking as you challenge assumptions and preconceptions.
Build your Ensemble
Embrace ensemble thinking to enhance the organisation's social system building ownership through inclusion and trust by valuing the ideas of others.
Explore shared leadership, collaboration, active listening skills, removing competitive tension, develop self awareness and sensitivity to others.
EnsembleFail fast and recover quickly
Taking risks can be a scary thing in business.
Applied Improvisation creates a safe place for creative change-makers to energise, collaborate, take the risks without fear of judgment, and produce innovations in a meaningful and permanent way for themselves, their team, and the entire organisation.
Fail fast.jpg