Covid19 and Impro

During the Covid19 Pandemic time of great upheaval, when the usual structures and practices were no longer providing containment or order, when our sense of fragility was most heightened, I used one clear antidote.

A sense of hope.

Hope is a counterweight to a sense of hopelessness, uncertainty and something we can actively generate through our thoughts, intentions, and the wise, creative, effective actions that can spring from it.

Within the Health Sector of Melbourne I ran a series of 9 interactive online workshops via Zoom to help build capacity for this, giving participants the skills, abilities and support, to collectively move through uncertainty with a quiet confidence and allowing you to focus on all the options and possibilities.

Participants of the workshops were empowered with better communication skills, enhanced creative awareness and the ability to co-create, developing a sense of togetherness, connectedness and joy on a platform that allowed safe physical distancing.

It was such a pleasure working with Patrick, he is a true Improv professional! He was a keen collaborator in refining his offerings to suit a new context and purpose – willingly meeting all of the challenges we threw his way with confidence and aplomb!

We found that using applied improvisation techniques, we were able to support clinicians to navigate new territory with a sense of optimism, hope and assurance – through understanding new ways of communicating, collaborating and supporting each other particularly through periods of uncertainty.”

Victoria Alcohol and Drug Association

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